Testresults are not showing in system

The test results usually take a few hours to be shown in Talent Recruiter after the candidate completes the test. To check the status of the test, open the candidate profile from the candidate list and go to the Assessment-tab. The status Waiting for results may mean that the candidate recently took the test and that the results are expected to be shown shortly in system.

You can check for how long the candidate completed the test by entering the candidate profile from the application, and then go to the Communication-tab. From there you can see the timestamp from when the candidate got the status Test completed.

Challenge: The cut-e test results are not showing in system. It's been a long time since the test results should have be shown.

Solution: If you get no result or report on a cut-e test and suspect something is wrong, try to hover your cursor over where it says "0" on the score, or hold your mousepointer over the alert triangle that pops up. This should give a small indication of what's wrong. Here you can get error messages with various abbreviations rid (reportID), nsid (normsetID), cid (clientID), jid (jobid / snap-it). In the event of such errors, we recommend that you contact our support so that we can try to investigate these error messages further.

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