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Challenge: When creating an advertisement, in the dropdown list for selecting an existing advertisement image, how are these images added and how to set which images to appear in the dropdown list?

Solution: The drodown list will automatically display all the images uploaded on the department in the File Archive under the folder with the Folder Category called Image Archive. You can create a new folder and set the Folder Category to be Image Archive if there aren't any existing folders with this category. You can also change the Folder Category on any existing folders in the File Archive by right clicking on the folder on the left panel and choose Edit folder.

Please notice the following:

  • There should be only one Image archive-folder created per department, and there cannot be sub folders inside an Image Archive-folder - only images.
  • The department you are creating the advertisement on will display all images uploaded in Image Archive-folders created on all its belonging parent departments as well. It's not possible change this behavior.
  • All images used should be minimum 1920px in width and in landscape mode. File size should not exceed 2MB.

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