Communication templates

Challenge: A communication template variable is not working.

Solution: Please find and edit the communication template and check the following:

  1. Check that the variable used in template is supported in the communication template. You will find a list of the supported variables on the right section when editing the communication template.
  2. Make sure the variable is added correctly (check in the HTML-view as well).

Challenge: The font chosen in the communication template is not shown and/or the content does not look entirelly the same when the e-mail is viewed in different e-mail clients.

Solution: How the font varies in different e-mail clients and operating systems doesn't really have any to do with Talent Recruiter. Whenever you select a font in the template (for example 'Calibri') it might be a well supported font in Windows and in e-mail clients such as Outlook, but not nessessarily in other operating systems and e-mail clients. Some e-mail clients might not view e-mails in any other font but in their own specified font. To find a font that is supported 'everywhere' is not easy but the safest fonts considered would be to use 'Arial' or 'Verdana'. It is also possible to setup back-up fonts which will be shown when the primary font is not supported where you view the text, although that requires techincal skill by editing the "HTML"-view in the editor.

Regarding the content being shown differently in e-mail clients, this is due to the formatting added in the communication template. The formatting used can be interpreted differently in different e-mail clients and operating systems. The recommended thing is to remove all content in the "HTML"-view and start over and create a template that has as little formatting as possible, at least when you copy/paste text into the editor. If you would like to insert text then make sure to use "Paste Plain Text". Then use the toolbar options when adding formatting/stying.

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